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Aspects of the Feasibility Study

Factor that makes a business feasibility study is experiencing errors include: data and information obtained incomplete, inaccurate, incorrect calculations, the implementation of any job, environmental conditions and elements intentionally by the manufacturer. Some preparation before running a feasibility study:
1. The collection of data and information
2. Processing of data
3. Data Analysis
4. Decision-making

Benefits of the feasibility study:
1. The Investor
Before investing in a company that will run investors will study the feasibility study report has been made, because investors have a direct interest of the benefits to be obtained and the guarantee capital to be invested.

2. The Creditors
Before giving the credit the bank should assess the business feasibility study and consideration of reliability and availability of collateral dimilliki.

3. The management of the Company
As a leader in enterprise management also requires a feasibility study to determine the funds needed, how much is allocated from its own capital, financing plans from investors and creditors.

4. The Government and Society
Companies that will stand must pay attention to the policies established by the government to be prioritized to receive government assistance.

5.Bagi Economic Development Goals
Preparation of the feasibility study needs to be analyzed the benefits to be gained and costs of the project on the national economy, as far as possible the project was made in order to achieve national goals.

Stages of feasibility study
In carrying out the feasibility study there are several stages of studies that should be undertaken, following several stages:
1.Penemuan idea
In order to generate project ideas that can secrete products for sale and favorable behavior required a well organized research and support adequate resources. If the idea of ​​the project is more than one, selected with regard:
* The idea of ​​the project in accordance with his conscience
* Decision-makers were able to involve themselves in matters of technical nature
* Confidence in the ability of the project resulting in profit.
For example some project ideas have qualified after an idea about the rental business
wedding dress, bike rental, computer rental.

2. Stage Research
Once the idea of ​​the selected projects, carried out further research into the scientific method:
* collecting data
* processing data
* Analyze and interpret the data processing
* Concludes
* Create reports on the
For example: based on the example above a predetermined three kinds of project ideas. Furthermore, all three aspects of project ideas assessed through sufficiently broad and deep to get input to evaluate those ideas.

3. Evaluation Phase
comparing something with one or more standards or criteria are quantitative or kualitatif.hal are compared in an evaluation of all of the cost of business is to be generated by the proposed business and the benefits or benefits expected to be obtained.

There are three kinds of evaluations:
* Evaluate the business projects to be established
* Evaluating the project to be built
* Evaluating business already operated routinely After evaluation of the three project ideas above, for example, only two projects were considered feasible idea, namely rental and rental bike computer.
In the evaluation of the business to be compared is the entire cost of which will be generated by the proposed business and the benefits or benefits that would be expected to be obtained.

4. Ordering Phase Decent Proposal
If there is more than one proposal is considered feasible business plan, the business plan needs to be election that has the highest score when compared to other proposals based on the assessment criteria that have been determined. Evaluation of both the project idea, it turns out the decision-making is only capable of doing one project idea, suppose the idea of ​​bike rental project.

5. Phase Implementation Plan
Having been a business plan needs to be made a work plan the implementation of development projects. Starting from the determination of the type of work, the number and qualifications of planners, the availability of funds and other resources as well as management readiness. For example, after the selected bike rental is a business plan, then the implementation of the project to build a bike rental business and operational plans need to be prepared routine.

6. Implementation Phase
In the realization of the necessary project development project management. Once the project is completed the next stage is to carry out business operations on a regular basis. In order to always work effectively and efficiently in order to improve the company's profit, the necessary operational studies to evaluate the function of the business of finance, marketing, production and operations.

The evaluation results can be used as feedback for the company to review the business processes on an ongoing basis.

Aspects of Business Feasibility Study
The process of analysis of every aspect of the interplay between satua spec and other aspects so that the results of the analysis of these aspects become integrated. For eg, when the researchers are analyzing the financial aspects, should he utilize hasiol analysis of other aspects, although still possible to search the data required in accordance with their needs directly from the field.

1. Market Aspects
Assessment of market aspect is important because there is no successful business project in the absence of demand for goods / services produced by the project. Basically, the analysis of market aspect was aimed to find out how much broad market, the growth in demand, and the market share of the product concerned. Discussion of aspects of the feasibility study begins with market and marketing aspects.
The reason why this aspect is placed at the beginning of a systematic discussion of the feasibility study, among other things:
• The products produced by the company to be marketable. If not, should the feasibility study analyzes activities terminated.
• The trend of demand for products to be produced have to show an increase. If declined, should the feasibility study for the establishment terminated, unless the purpose of the object of study is the development.
• The content of material products do not contain substances that are prohibited country or religion. If there is a review of aspects of the law, not to be recommended and must be stopped.
• The technical aspects and chronological largely determined by the recommendation of aspects of the market, particularly with regard to the selection of tools and machinery.

2. Internal Aspects of Company
In the internal aspect of the company is divided into several aspects:
aspects of marketing
Activities aimed at companies that sell goods or services in the company's production to the market. Therefore, these aspects are jawabdalam characterize the market to be selected. Analysis of the feasibility of these main aspects in the case;
• Determination of the segment, target and position the product on the market.
• Study to determine potential consumers, such as about the attitude, behavior, as well as their satisfaction on the product.
• Determine policy strategies and marketing programs that will be implemented.

Technical and Technological Aspects
The technical aspect is an aspect pertaining to the operation and technical project development process after the project / business was completed / is established. Based on this analysis also can be seen a preliminary draft assessment of the investment cost including start up cost / pre-operational projects to be implemented.

Technical and technological aspects of the study will reveal the needs of what is required and how technical the production process will be implemented. For businesses manufacturing industry, for example, need to be assessed on its production capacity, the type of technology used, the use of equipment and machinery, plant location and layout of the plant the most profitable. then from that conclusion, we can make plans amount of cost of procurement of fixed assets.

Aspects of Human Resources
This aspect requires the power of imagination to imagine what form of organization would be built later when standing. After a description of the organization formed with all the accessories, then analyzed the procurement process human resources to occupy and hold the parts and functions of the organization in accordance with the plan.

aspects of management
Studies conducted management aspects of two kinds:
• The current management of the project development business.
• Management of the business currently operated on a regular basis. In fact the case, a lot happened, that projects are built and operated businesses fail not because of disebkan other aspects, but due to poor management.

Financial aspect
In connection with a source of funds that will be obtained and projected returns to the level of capital expenditures and sources of funding are concerned.
There are several important data sources to be used, namely:
• Preliminary data market and marketing aspects such as: projected sales / demand, product pricing, and budget (costs) marketing
• Data operation and production, such as: location plan both lease and purchase, the cost of production (raw materials, TKL, adjuvant), and plans for procurement of machinery, equipment, technology used.
• personnel data, such as: plan recruitment costs, training costs, fixed wage costs, benefits, and others.
• Legality, in the form of: notary fees, the cost of licensing principles (eg, Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Trade, DepAg, DepHut, Department of Transportation, Department of Justice, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, etc.), operational licensing fees (LG).

Economic and cultural aspects
Associated with the impact given to the public because of the existence of a project:
a. From a cultural perspective, Assessing the impact of the presence of peroyek on the lives of local communities, the local indigenous customs.
 b. From the economic angle, whether the project can change or even reduce per capita income of local panduduk. Such as how much the level of income per capita of population, national income or the average wage of local labor or minimum wage, etc.
c. And in terms of social, Does the existence of the project area is becoming increasingly crowded, traffic more smoothly, their communication lines, electricity and other lighting, local community education.

3. Law and Legal Aspects
Relating to the existence of legally where the project will be built that includes the applicable law, including: licensing locations and business licenses.

4. External Aspects of Environmental Impact
Aspects of the environmental impact analysis of the most needed at this time, because every project being undertaken will have a huge impact on the surrounding environment, among others:
• Impact on water
• Impact on the ground
• Impact on the air
• Impact on human health

At the end of the business establishment will affect the physical life, flora and fauna that is in about the overall business.
The results of the feasibility study in the form of complete documentation in written form shown how a business plan has positive values for the aspects studied, so it will be declared as a viable business project.

The feasibility study is needed by many people, especially for those investors especially as the initiator, the bank as a lender, and a government that gives a code of laws and regulations, which of course the interests of all different from each other. Investor interest in order to determine the level of profit from investments, bank interest to know the security level of loans and the smooth return, the government emphasize the benefits of these investments in macro good for the economy, employment opportunities, etc.

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