Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Why Acne is Not Cured?

Acne is one of the big enemy for the skin. Especially for adolescents and adult women. Have scattered articles that discuss how to deal with acne. From the traditional way, naturally, to the most modern. Are you one of the millions of people who have done various treatment process but not successful? Maybe you forget one thing. That is your obligation to avoid taboos when the acne healing process. Whether the reason is too inconvenient or indeed you can not kick the habit.

Know that no matter how hard you try. If you do not care about the rules, it will be in vain. There are several possibilities if you're in the healing process of acne, but do not avoid the rule that your acne will not be reduced or improved. Or your acne may improve but will always grow back new acne. It's tiring is not it? Not only was wasting money, but also exhausting and emotionally draining. How come. Acne medication cheapest price around 10k, whereas you would have to replace your acne medication with acne medicine with another brand when there is no change in a week. And likely you will buy acne medications at a price of 40k for thinking that the more expensive drugs will be able to heal better. Then you do not buy anti-acne soap cheapest price is 25k. if you do not get along, you will change as well. Not to mention other facial treatments. Do not calculate how much money you spend to combat acne that looks no bigger than a bite caterpillar.

Besides it takes a strong desire and knowledge. Curing acne is also in need of discipline. Establish your hearts to obey discipline regulations and away from the prohibition in curing acne.

Abstinence Frequently Ignored
Enough sleep at night
Do not underestimate this one. you try to watch your bedtime. Because according to my experience, I've test several times. Sleeping too late can trigger acne. Reported by LIVESTRONG and Buzzell (22/9/2011) a lack of sleep can cause stress, increased inflammation, increased insulin resistance, and depression. (Detik.com)
Stress is one of the factors of acne. Increased inflammation will aggravate your existing acne / are in the process of healing. Increased insulin resistance will increase the production of oil on the face is also a factor of acne. And Depression makes the body do not work well for depression lead to negative attitudes that hinder the performance of the health of the human body, so it will hinder the healing of acne you are doing.
Lack of sleep at night, two factors cause acne, and two factors inhibiting the healing process. You still ingn force yourself to sleep late? You care more about your favorite drama series rather than a smooth face without acne? The choice is in your hand.

The food was generally a factor of acne are: chicken, eggs, and foods containing both ingredients, fatty foods, shrimp, fish, and other foods that trigger allergies.
In this case, you can not be glued to the general explanations which I wrote earlier. You should do your own research to find out what foods can cause acne pad your face. Of course not rule out the possibility that your food I had said including your acne triggers. However I'm sure there are other foods that are not commonly described as triggers of acne, that could actually trigger your acne.
Examples like me. I've done the experiment. And the result. Coffee can make my acne. Believe it or not, after I drank coffee, the next day there will be acne was relaxing in my face. and in fact, consuming too much caffeine will increase stress hormones in the body, and increase the production of sebum. (Amazine.co)
Stress is a factor of acne, and sebum buildup can clog the pores which can lead to acne.
In the statement noted that the modest improvement in stress hormones and increase sebum production can occur when consuming caffeine "excessive". Though I never Menco jsudah only drink a little, but the acne still appear. I conclude baahwa. Every human being has endurance berebeda. Your bus to avoid foods that cause acne in general, and also can follow me to reduce the consumption of kaafein, as well as seek out foods that are causing your acne.

Touching Acne
What is meant here is touching acne when your hands in a dirty state. Try to wash your hands before touching a pimple or a face. You may squeeze jerawaat if the acne looked ready to push. Do not occasionally forced out by squeezing pimples when she's not ready to push. Ahanya because it will hurt you and you have to push it again one day when the jeraawaat really mature, since immature current squeeze pimples, acne will not issue completely.

Three things I mentioned above is a taboo which is very important and you should avoid if you want to get a clean face without acne. Sure there are other taboos mentioned by dkter your skin. Do not be shy and lazy to avoid the abstinence-pantangaan. Because it is also for the sake of your healing.
Good Luck. 

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