Monday, December 5, 2016

Testimonials About SRITI Ointment

Testimony sriti ointment.
Good morning .. Today dated December 3, 2016, I was having acne. Yes, acne usually appears. But I've not panic just yet. In addition to already experienced, I also do not have someone who makes me embarrassed if breakouts.
Okay, this time I will not discuss what drugs I use for my acne today. I will review about the ointment SRITI.

These ointments are commonly known as ointment cheesy "on foot". The term comes from nowhere. But because of the term, most people become hesitant to use it as a facial treatment.
Once I told someone about SRITI ointments for acne. But the response of the "foot ointment, right?". (Approx so the story) Oh my God. I feel so strange. if yes I use the ointment feet to polish my face this valuable, hehe ..
Okay, from now on let us together to eliminate the nickname "foot ointment" is. I think the more elegant if you call his brand name.

Sriti ointment is an antiseptic ointment that has existed since time immemorial. I am less know since when, but I believe it is a very long time because a lot of people who already know the ointment though the brand has never used the services of advertising on TV.

SRITI Ointment contains Benzethonium chloride ( Benzethonium substance ammonium chloride which is used as an antibacterial ( material that makes these powerful drugs to cure diseases such as itchy skin as well as skin diseases that are on foot. And do not forget also effective for curing acne which incidentally is also caused by bacteria.

The texture of the ointment sriti very good, in the sense of not sticky and smelly, and white. More precisely ointment is almost like a facial moisturizer.
I put the ointment sriti about 7 years ago. Not only I used as an acne medicine, but I also use a moisturizer on my skin peeling section. The term Javanese language (trataken).

I remember SRITI powerful enough to cure acne. But it must be remembered, do not use it when going out of the house. Because SRITI ointment smeared ointment made part of the look greasy. It is better to use when bedtime.

I know, for sure some of you are very hesitant with this ointment for their low cost and packaging are less convincing. I also had to think so, especially in this era a lot of illegal drug circulation. But not to worry, I've tried. And all was fine. maybe things you should do to make you lose your doubts is to know how the characteristics of the original SRITI ointment or false. Because not only expensive cosmetics who has a "copycat", if imitate but have the same efficacy in my opinion does not matter, but if even make a loss in consumer I think it is absolutely intolerable. Hehe..

You can search for information on google. Definitely a lot of websites providing information on how to determine the original or fake products sriti ointment.
Sriti ointment can be obtained at the nearest pharmacy. With a price of around 4k to 5k, depending on the region and pharmacy policy.

Well I think this is enough, I hope that this information be beneficial to you. If you want to ask something, please write in the comments field.
Good luck..

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