Sunday, December 18, 2016

Testimony of Lime Can Cure Acne

Lime is one of the star in the world of beauty. Almost every tutorial that explains how to get the natural beauty, lime always present in their list. How come. Lime have wonderful fungtion. You can use it to brighten the face, disguises dark spots, and many more.

Lime contains a chemical compound :
a. Citric Acid: regulate the pH balance of the skin. (
b. Amino acid: to maintain the skin's natural moisture, dead skin cell regeneration, reduce the formation of melanin. (
c. Essential oil
c. Resin
d. glycosides
e. Citric acid
f. Fat
g. Calcium: serves to keep the skin texture. (
h. Phosphor
i. Iron
j. Sulfur: as keratolytic or slough off dead skin, (

And Lime also contains nutrients and nutrients per 100 grams,
a. Vitamine C 27 mg
b. 0:04 mg Vitamin B1
c. Pritein 0.9 grams
d. 0.2 grams fat
e. Carbohydrates 11.4 g
f. Minral 0.5gram
g. calcium 33mg
h. Phosphorus 23 mg
i. Iron 0.4mg
j. Askrobat acid 43 mg
k. Energy 51 cal
l. Water 86 gram

At first I was not so excited with the tips are scattered around the internet about the lemon that can cure acne. Because I think, besides not practical, in the end I will stop acne treatment with lemon because lazy.
But one time, I wanted to try it. This is my experience about a year ago. I'm pimpled as usual. How do I apply lime is very simple:
1 lime cut into small pieces. Because if you cut to size, so when you squeeze, you will only get a little lime juice on it.
2. Wash your face with your favorite facial soap, then keringakan. Do not be too dry, make sure your face a little damp.
3. apply on the skin with acne. Make sure you wash your hands before apply it if you use a hand.
4. You can put it on the entire face if you want your face to look bright.

At that time I apply it before going to bed at night. Because I think, the longer the lime juice was my skin, it will be more effective. And sure enough. when I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, my face becomes brighter, and my acne turns into a phase that is ready to push. Do you know? How to know the acne medication you use it effectively or not, can be known by seeing how fast you change the acne medication acne ready to push into the face. Usually with traits seen any white who stand at the threshold of acne. The faster, the more proven the efficacy of the drug.

Although very effective, I use this method only a few times, as I prefer having an acne medication purchased at the pharmacy because it is more practical.

a. Lime is highly effective in curing acne.
b. Lime juice can also brighten your face.
c. Provided that you are disciplined in their use.

a. If you wear lime juice as a facial brightener, do not use it every day in a row, because it will make your face dry. Use 2 or 3 times a week.
b. To treat acne, you can apply only on the acne. I think, you can wear it every day in succession until you recover, with the proviso, lime juice is not the area of ​​facial acne.

If you are typical of people who are very disciplined so this way I suggest to you. In addition to facial acne, lemon juice can also be used for acne scars and dark spots.
Although this method is not practical lime and the process is quite long, but the lemon is a natural substance that is safe for you.
Good luck..

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