Monday, January 16, 2017

The Secret of Diet

Maybe when you hear the word "calcium" in your brain are milk, soy, bones and teeth. your answer is not wrong, it's true !! but, do you know the other functions of calcium is to help the process of DIET ??
This is good news for all of us who are overweight, and the menu the food we eat every day is Tempe! ha ha..
This story begins with my weight suddenly rise dramatically, as I describe in the Fat Overcome Sudden and finally after I surf .. I met with this method. mm .. not method does yaa .. rather "treatment".
then I immediately rush to consume calcium. at that time I drink calcium that his brand is:

yes .. I do not buy that much .. hahaha .. like the one on the watermark, I take a picture of it from, because I'm already not drink anymore.
I only buy what yaa .. I forgot, because I had bought a couple of times ..
I do not need to explain any more the function of calcium, because I'm sure you also already know  in high school....

let's move on to my story ..
so, the adult human body actually need 1,000 mg per day, while the body normally we only got half of it ..

do you know, people who consume lots of calcium can increase their body's ability to burn fat. Cool, right!!??

Licoklak contains 500 mg / tablet. I consume about 2x a day, and over time I took it 3 times a day. so one day I received a calcium 1,000-1,500 per day.
side effects that I sense in the morning anyway .. I take a dumb smoothly. whereas my recollection, I do not take a dumb every day. hhahaha .. (please ignore that part)
For example, Zemel et al (2002) looked at the effect of calcium supplementation in obese adults who go on a diet, and found that a diet high in calcium (1200-1300 mg / day) resulted in weight loss and body fat is greater than the low-calcium diet (400-500 mg / day). 
However, a new study suggests that obese women who consumed 900 mg of calcium per day can increase their body's ability to burn fat, which is enhanced by the ability of vitamin D status in the body is good. For this reason, many calcium supplements also comes with vitamin D to optimize the results 
 Wuuu,,, so increasingly confident right to consume calcium, because the article citations .. hahaha ..
and indeed evident, my weight decreased, but do not forget to exercise. although I only a few weeks of exercise even my recollection, I do it before I consume calcium, calcium consuming process when I did not even exercise.
(But at least I never exercise in the diet: 3) eat also remain 3x a day, with a portion of slightly less than usual.
My last calcium Calcium lactate consumption is generic. because I want to buy licokalk but the price is already more expensive. of the purchase licokalk only be 2, better to buy generic Calcium lactate can 3. important they have the same calcium content.
but do not forget, calcium supplements should not be met through as I did, it would be better if you equip it with something natural like consuming soy and low fat milk. I take supplements just because it's cheaper, and practical. (Basic slacker).
well guys ... what are you waiting .. ?? and complete your diet with calcium. :)


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