Thursday, November 3, 2016

Acne Ointments with Low Prices and Powerful

Hola hola holaa ...
I hope you do not get bored with acne. because I have also been bored ..
hahaha .. that's okay ... important that we also never felt the smooth face without acne even for a moment .. ahem.
Why did I post about acne ointment?

Whether in my post "My Experience Acne Cure" products are not effective? Or even actually do not heal at all?
Its products are powerful and I recovered really. Then why did I post the new product? Why not do enough with that before?
Because ... in my experience for nearly 8 years.
Products that were once effective. After a long time did not work either ... as if the acne make acne healing ingredients that we apply as research material and create a formula to evolve.
Soo ... that's the reason why I often use different products to cure acne.
Looking more powerful than previous products ..

It is an ointment that I know from my sister.
So the story of my sister went to the doctor and was given  this ointment.
Hmmm ... how lucky I;m .. can know without consulting a doctor's prescription skin medicine that costs could be to buy a complete makeup tool! Ha ha ha...
Price ointment is about 30k to 40k. The price in Indonesia my country. I do not know the price in other countries could also be different, can be more expensive or cheaper. it quite a lot, so do not lose.
The shape is a transparent gel. You can get it at a pharmacy.
I do not use a time limit for use .. every chance I rub right on acne, many times in fact. does not have 3 times....
It does not feel no pain ... feel sore after I squeeze my pimples and apply the ointment on it. But not old..just moment. I like to do it because it feels more effective .. hahaha
Ointment effect is erratic, sometimes in days to three already deflated. Sometimes more sometimes less well. I have forgotten. Hehe .. but I highly recommend this ointment !!
Clinium Ointment contains Clindamycin. Clindamycin is an antibiotic itself. So it is suitable for acne.
may not have to wear the brand. you can use other brands with the same composition. which contains Clindamycin, you can ask the pharmacist where you buy medicine.
This ointment really powerful. My brother and I with acne already bought about 3 times. Not because it is not effective. But because of the effect of this ointment was superb. And makes me want to try again and again.
Remember this is not the promotion of this I recommend based on my experience and compassion to the reader as well. : - *
Get well soon..

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