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How To Rising Overcoming Weight Loss

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This happened about 2015 ago ..
At that time my weight rose unexpectedly. before that my weight is only 45kg. up and down anyway, but not this bad.
Cheeks, arms, and stomach, they swell without my knowing. I do not know, I did eating more than usual. Maybe 2 times .. almost like eating brother my old 19th.
It was my first really conscious when someone said to me "You look grow fat.". OH MY GOD !!!!

The sentence was immediately pierced my heart !. I began to worry about this. How come. My weight before only 55kg to 45kg now a height of 155cm.

Moreover, at that time I still had a boyfriend. I feel embarrassed when dealing with my boyfriend.
And again, at that time I was also being acne face. Acne not known there bump bump here.
Wah added stress.
I started googling. I remember some summaries of some of the articles that I have ever read:

1. Diet mayo
eat food without flavor! then there is a menu especially every day varies. I just wrote a new read already pessimistic. I could not have put on this diet. I ate the food that my mother cooked. So, the menus are also hard to find the meat is the vegetable rice. Yes if the family likes. If not?? it was only going to spend a lot of money.

2. Food Combine
Halah. It just makes a hole in my wallet. Eating meat was mixed vegetables, chicken and the fruit of it. I also immediately pessimistic about the diet this way. Ha ha ha..

3. OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) by: Daddy Corbuzier
Ya .. most friendly and easy diet. do not spend a lot of money, the book also simply download at google. Ha ha ha..
The trick as fast, but it's easier, for example, 16 hours of fasting (in the sense of not eating anything, but may drink water) and then 4 hours allowed to eat whatever you want. For more details, read the book ..: p
Well, surely you've know  what I use. Yes!! OCD diet. Had to walk a couple of weeks, I also do sports that are suggested by Mr. Corbuzier, so light. But actually I do not really disciplined to do .. sometimes was so not sweat it, I ate a piece of cracker. Haha .. because I think "aah, just a little, it will not give any influence".
But not only that .., I also tried several medications including:

1. Sliming tea (Green Tea)
I do not know .. it seems effective, if not wrong I only spent one box. then do not go on anymore. (Not because it was thin, but lazy and feel less fit)

2. Medicine lowering sugar levels
Because sugar also causes obesity. So I had to reduce the sugar in my body, and how fast is to drink this. I seem to only consume 20 pills. Once it is no longer, because I was lazy. Ha ha. Anyway this is not safe in my opinion, because I am taking this without doctor's instructions. And the resilience of the human body as different. so I do not recommend this method unless consultation with a doctor.

3. Calcium
Another function of calcium is to burn fat. So .. I drink this. But do not forget to chew calcium mouth pill or tablet form. Due to the nature of the calcium pills like ulcer pill. Their dissolution in the stomach longer. That's why an ulcer drug react faster when consuming the liquid / syrup.

The use of calcium is quite long. I forget how many pills have been spent. at that time I also have acne face. So the double benefits (calcium is also good to cure acne). But .. however natural that is definitely better. Eat calcium from natural ingredients.

A month or two and a few months .. I have not done everything I write. ALL! I still eat three times a day. Eating any food. I've not really care anymore with this corpulence. But as I recall the ways that I could write my weight loss be 49kg. Anyways because at that moment I was hit by the anguish because of the breakup. I increasingly do not care. But what ??? I lost my weight !!! a sequence of 48, 47 46, up to 45kg today!

I can not conclude my cause weight loss. Whether because slimingtea (green tea), the drug sugar, calcium, OCD, or sports. But I remember going on the last few weeks and months where I do not use any method or diet drugs, I reduce the size of the meal. Eating with less. Not a little bit so anyway. rather eating me before this happened corpulence. I fixed breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacking. Even so, I still remember when I'm dieting. So under control.
So conclution .. most powerful diet drug is BROKEN HEART. ha ha ha...
I am just kidding. so, the real conclusion. The most efficacious diet is to regulate the amount of food consumption and exercise if you want faster you lose weight. and do not forget to consume calcium as a supporter.

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