Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Unique Way to Cure Acne

Hi guys .. they are in the loop acne problems? SAME! -_
But I'm not just asking. REMEMBER. I am not your friend who likes to hide "beauty secrets". haha ..
Okay, let's get started ..
Hm .. maybe a bit of explanation, still based on my experience. Some of you must have already read my previous post about acne. So? Why I do not use it that way anymore ??

How in the previous post is efficacious. But anyway, the human body is "smart". That was my first match .. use that recipe, but over time my face is also more resistant to the materials I've often used. Understand?

Well .. would not want, I have to find new ways to slaughter the acne that sweet ass it. either by taking medicine or spreadable ointment with different brands.
In this way began when my acne medication has run out, broke, and did not know what to rely on the shoulder of the road where ..
I came to a place that I can rely on. Mr. Google. Because the posts that came out during the time I use the keyword "acne" that appears is the same article. I've read several times.

And I took the initiative to use the keyword "unique way to cure acne". Ecalyptus Oil Can Curing Acne

So interesting, right? That oil therapy that almost every home has. i use ecalyptus oil with brand name "Cap Lang"
Certainly I was a little hesitant. And with steadiness heart and my condition. I apply on the acne. Trying to not be exposed to the surrounding skin. I'm afraid if I do not fit the skin, severe iritasinya later.

and .. taraa. I do not irritation. And the results are satisfactory! I think it's cool. A kind of menthol hit .. might be a little sore when the newly squeeze pimples. (What ?? ?? Say pressed acne should not be?) Not to question the mainstream. read my previous post if not understand the problem ..: 3
Yep. After I push, I apply eucalyptus oil. Because eucalyptus oil have anti-bacterial function, pain relief, etc. Read wrote in his ingredient. Hehe..

Just do it guys .. do not be afraid. Apply just wear cuttonbud, dip eucalyptus oil, then apply on pimples. Maybe for an experiment you can apply to acne that place is not too exposed, if anything happens, do not plasticity. Ha ha.

Once again, do not be afraid, I think, eucalyptus oil is suitable for all. Unless your skin is really sensitive.

and one again .. -_- this is not advertising, so you can use white oil of any kind .. but I have tried is the brand ..

Good luck!!

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