Friday, November 4, 2016

My Experience Acne Cure

Many articles that discuss that lime can curing acne. I've tried. At that time I breakouts for months. Actually I've been a regular with pimpled face, only this one is more severe.
I thought to wear lime. Why did not I try this time? Because I am afraid of the pain !! Sure enough .. when I try, it's really sore. but I have to hold him. I shall be healed.

At that time I apply it when going to sleep at night. so spirits. I apply lime juice it many times. After feel dry, I use it again again and again. I then let stand until the next day.
I am not sure if this is just my feeling or lime it actually works. My face so bright. And feel my acne started to heal. from that moment I started to rely lemon. And now my acne thinning, as well as scars. less than 1 week .. it still appear 1 or 2 but not a problem. The important thing still wear lime and other areas seamlessly.

The things you need to know .. according to my experience of acne for 7 years.

1. Do not touch the acne unless you are already washing hands.

2. Do not squeeze pimples are not really ready to push. : D usually ready to squeeze acne yellowish and look adorable.

3. squeeze acne does not cause acne scars are hard to lose! If there Pockmark, it happened because of the person's skin type is easily pockmarked. but not everyone has the skin. including me.

4. Acne needs to be squeezed in time.

5. Acne ALWAYS imprint. But rapid loss of acne scars or not it depends on skin type and how hard you are to eliminate it.

6. Use a whitening cream to remove acne scars.

7. When acne, Do not rub your face TOO rough to wash my face.

8. Wear a special towel for your face.

9. Use Day and Night Cream. Night cream help to peel off dead skin cells that cause acne.! Day cream to protect from the sun.

10. Drink Acne medication. It needs to be really. and supporting treatment of the healing. just look at your favorite Pharmacies.

11. Use ointment acne. It is also very important.

12. Use lemon. As I ceritain above .. so your face feels fresh and shrink pores, rub ice cubes on the face. Small pores to prevent acne.

13. Do not take vitamin E. Because vitamin E increase the hormones and cause acne. Replace it with Vitamin C.

14. Avoid chicken. Eggs, Instant Noodles. It's super important. The food was influential.

15. Reduce oily foods.

16. Do not wear heavy make-up. just for a while. During the healing wear the powder only, not solid.

17. Sleep well
18. Reduce Coffee (coffee makes me breakouts)
19. Reduce the milk. Because milk is a source of fat.
20. Exercise advance.

I've put a lot of products. And there are successful, some are not. There also are initially successful, and when I put them on again. Eh had not impervious. Haha .. I kinda forgot, I love to know that I remember only:

Face wash:
1. Clean and Clear is bottled in brown
2. Clean and Clear is blue there brscrub
4. Soap Lemongrass
5. Fight Acno Garnier Men (Men)
I remember, I fit with all brands of soap on top. but I still use to this day is. Garnier Man Fight Acne.

Cream Night and Day
1. Tul Jie (less effective)
2. Tse Fuk (less effective)
3. Blend Cosmetics Store-Jombang Ngoro area (Effective until now)

Cleaners and fresheners:
1. Viva lemon, cucumber, bengkoang
2. Toner Inez.
3. Milk Cleanser and toners Artificial cosmetics shop-Jombang Ngoro.

1. Viva (used until now)
2. The image of pearl extract. (As I recall, when you wear this, my breakouts)
3. Ponds pink (first match)
4. Sriti. - Wrappers china green ointment. The price is really cheap. SECURE

Acne medication
1. Sriti - wrap china green ointment. The price is really cheap. (Forgot, I think hell was initially okay. But not for the next)
2. Acnol (suitable)
3. Inez (as I recall first match)
4. Benzolac-CL (matched, pimples precocious. If I'm not mistaken, while wearing them at night, the next ripe, the day after cured) available in pharmacies.
5. Mixing Doctors (very powerful)
7. Jombang Cosmetics Store (severe, very sore and red imprint around the pimple)
8. Pimplex (nice and all, but must first pass through the process of purging)

Medicine to drink
1. Doxiciclin
2. Tetraciclin
4. Clindamicyn. Specialty seems they are usually asked to prescription.

Other Acne Medication:
1. Spreadable Lime / Lemon (Powerful)
2. Lotion Caladine purple. (Originally powerful, when I try again my cheeks turned red. Probably should be in "Tul" at the acne, do not smeared section is not acne)

3. Leaves binahong. (Powerful, 2 days)

Okeee ... this seems already all .. hopefully useful yaa,,. Remember everyone has different skin. I have oily skin types.

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