Monday, November 21, 2016

Recommended Acne Soap

Soap is one thing that always we use every day. Whether for bathing, washing clothes, washing dishes and other activities. There are many types of solid soaps such as soap, liquid soap, gel soap and soap powder / powder. Although they have different compositions but they all have the same goal, which is to clean off the dirt, germs and bacteria.

Had a lot of companies that release products with brand soap, aroma, and diverse forms. Currently, companies in the world are competing to produce and innovate soap, so today the soap for a body had been grouped into several sections such as special body soap, hand soap and face soap. Facial soap was also divided into two, namely being brought women's facial soap and face soap for men. Not only that, the company began to make us as consumers become confused to choose between a special soap acne soap to whiten the face, soap for dry skin, oily and normal. I can not imagine how much revenue the company every day. How come. Sometimes people directly replace face soap just purchased with another brand, because it turns out the soap does not match the type of face. Especially for people who are experiencing acne problems. They will be more selective in choosing. Even those willing to pay dearly face soap is not necessarily suitable for the face to cure acne.

I'm still confused to choose between soap containing scrub and no. If I choose not containing scrub, then blackheads and dead skin on my face will not be lifted well. If I put on a soap containing scrub it would hurt me when i have acne face. So what's the solution? Do I have to have two types of face soap? Oh My God!
Lucky I have a younger brother who wears a face soap with other brands that contain scrub. So I can buy that does not contain scrub. Ha ha..

Well, this time I will give you a list of facial soap I've ever used to support healing of pimples on my face.

1. Soap Green Holly
I still remember when I put the soap Holly. When I was 14 years old. My face is  full of pimples. If I remember that time, I did not believe it, how can I live my life with a face like that. hahaha ..
At that time I was not concerned about the appearance, of course, my mother who immediately moved to fix the problem of my face. My mother bought this acne medication and it was. acne soap also with a brand that is changing. At that time I was wearing a green Holly soap.
I can not choose the right words to describe the shape of the holly soap. Because as I recall, holly-shaped soap solid, but too mushy. The soap is easy to dissolve when exposed to water, especially if the soap is under water, it is no longer the soap would be eliminated from the human world. hoho ..
Holly green soap is antibacterial soap. Which can be used for skin diseases such as rashes and acne. My feeling after using soap holly is, my face feeling clean and fresh, smooth face felt as if blackheads and dead skin cells also lifted. However this green soap make my face feels dry shortly after wearing a green soap. So, my advice, use a facial moisturizer after using this holly green soap, except when you go to bed, you do not need to use a moisturizer.

You can get this soap at a nearby pharmacy for around 5k depending on your region.

2. Soap Lemongrass
Lemongrass soap in the world seems less populer facial care products. Because I wear it a few years ago, until now seems to have never heard anyone serious again talking about lemongrass soap to cure acne.
I can not remember what brand of soap lemongrass I currently use it. You can browse on google about brands and their safe and composition. As I recall lemongrass soap is noticeably lighter than the holly green soap. Lemongrass soap has a solid form such as soap bars in general. Also feels light on the face. You can get in your cosmetics store.

3. Clean and clear Deep Action - Pore Daily Cleanser
It soon is one of the famous brands are advertising these products often appear on tv. Usually in these ads show young people who are in the acne problem and recovered after washing the face with soap. So Amazing. 😁
It seems like this is the first scrub containing soap I used. Of course, the effect is very good, because there are granules scrub that helps us to remove dead cells and clear blackheads. My recollection is that it feels very light on the face and did not make a face too dry.

4. Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Wash Essential
These soaps shaped brown viscous liquid. Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Wash Essential makes my face feels dry. It seems the effect is harder than Clean and clear Deep Action - Pore Daily Cleanser.
Although it does not contain scrub soap, but it could be to remove blackheads. So that it can free you from the nose porcupine.

5. Garnier Man Acno Fight
I often discuss this soap in some of my articles. This soap is good. Although from the label says that this soap for men, but it can also be used for women.
After using this soap, face is cool and cold. Blackheads are also raised and makes the face becomes smoother and looks bright. My brother also use this product, and sometimes I was also still wearing Garnier acno man fight when I was getting irritated with my blackheads. hehe

6. Dettol
Dettol is a famous brand that carries the theme antibacterial. Dettol produces many products such as antibacterial hand soap, liquid anti-septic, etc.
I use dettol  for my face. and the results are very satisfying. In addition to making the face smooth. The anti bacteria helped me cure my acne. besides, Dettol soap it also feels light on the face. this is different with other soap. usually body soap make your face too dry, but dettol, so smooth and friendly.

7. Sekartadji
It is a face soap that I still use today. "Sekartadji" is a name that produces soap beauty salon is bundled with acne cream and powder. It feels light on the face. Sekartadji Salon is located in Kediri, East Java.
I'll give you a way to use a facial soap that I think makes a face soap to be more effective.
1. wet your face
2. take enough soap
3. apply soap on your face massaged in a way, especially in the parts contained much blackheads. Massage gently until approximately 15 seconds.
4. Let stand for 10 seconds in advance.
5. Gently rub then rinse.
By the way. Your face will feel clean and fresh, different than when you use a facial soap carelessly.
Good luck.

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