Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dettol Curing Acne In Short Time

Dettol is a popular brand in Indonesia, which is famous for health products such as soap, liquid bath, antiseptic, hand washing powder and soap. So famous Dettol is a reliable product, many consumers who use the soap for bathing daily. In addition, some people also use these products when his skin disease such as itching.

I wear this dettol soap just want to try. I was curious because of its powers in killing germs up to 99%. I want to prove whether dettol can help me in completing my acne.
Often the news circulating about the dangers of bath soap when used to face with unclear reasons. At first I was a little hesitant to use it because of these rumors. Besides I also fear that if not successful, then my acne will increasingly. so. However, because it likes to try something new, then I tried it with the hope can give maximum results. Besides that made me sure is, because the brand is already really made me believe through ads aired on TV that looks convincing and professional. I do not think that advertising can affect me. because all this time I do not believe the ads in circulation. Like "this cream can lighten things up in three days", "only with a thousand rupiah could wash clothes as much as this!" And so forth. But dettol products convinced me.
When I use soap dettol. I feel the results. The soap actually support my acne cure. I do not know, something was different. I too tried other brands like lifeboy, nuvo, to give. They do not give results as good and as comfortable as dettol. In fact, I may also feel arise acne. I am not sure whether it is becouse that soap or due to other factors. in other words, the soap does contain a special material used for the body.

My feeling after using soap dettol is, my face feels clean and fresh, and not make the skin too dry.

After I did some research. Turns out in dettol soap contains ingredients called glycerin that has merit as Brightening faces and Clean dirt and dead skin cells and moisturize the skin, (

In addition Dettol soap also contains Triclocarbon as anti-bacterial and fungi. This material is suitable for skin diseases are like hives and acne. (

I highly recommend this dettol soap to be used as a facial soap to help cure acne. The trick is very simple. Simply apply soap on your face like you use facial soap, rub thoroughly and let stand for up to 10 seconds. Then rinse.

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