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Benefits Sunblock For Acne

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Although the sun has a good role to fulfill kebtuhan vitamin D in the body which serves to strengthen teeth and bones. But the sun also can be bad for the health of the skin. If you like to linger in the sun without any protection, then slowly you will burn skin and dark. This is not burned like fire because elpigi gas explosion or something. The burning question is, your skin will feel hot and flushed. Maybe it was the effect is only temporary, but long-term effects are, your skin will become dark.

In this case, sunblock / sunscreen is the solution. Do not be afraid to wear sunscreen products, in an age mordern a lot of manufacturers who produce sunscreens with mngelompokan with other types of human skin. Such as dry, oily, sensitive and normal. You just need to look for a brand with the type that suits your skin.

Benefits Sunblock

1. Protect Skin from Sun Stings
Sunblock is derived from the word "Sun" meaning sun and "Block" which means blocking. By using sunblock on the face and body, face and body will be unavoidable shocks from UV rays that can meneyebabkan our skin becomes dark. there are several types of sunblock forms including creams, sprays and gels. You can select the type to suit your needs. However I suggest to attach great importance to choose a sunblock suit your skin type.
Besides distinguished from the shape and type of leather, sunblock is also distinguished by spot application. As khusu to the body, especially to the face, or both. You can choose according to your needs.

2. Prevent Being Dull Skin
Besides protecting the skin from the sun, sunblock applied on the face can help melindngi face from dirt and dust. Because while wearing sanblock the dust and dirt will not be in direct contact with the skin. So that the dust and dirt that cause acne and dull skin will not stick to your face porters.

3. Small pieces Curing Acne
You are confused why the whole of your acne can be cured? From festering acne to swollen inflamed, but there are small pimples that can not be removed?
Selan sheltered dai skin to sunlight and dust / dirt, you also get a bonus. That small pimple you are also missing siring sublock usage time.

Tips Using Sunblock

1. How to apply sunblock throughout the body.
Enough to apply cream / gel throughout the body without exception, because your body will be striped if only applying section-specific part. Except for a body covered by your clothes.

2. How to apply sunblock on the face
First apply enough sunblock throughout the face, do not forget to apply also on the neck. Because sublock cause your face looks berinyak, then Apply the powder afterwards.

If you're going to attend the event and need to make up. No problem! You can apply sunblock before starting to apply your makeup.

3. Do not forget to bring a special oil absorbent tissue if you're traveling. Because the face will look greasy when you use sublock. By using the wipes, will help you to remove the oil on the face without damaging your makeup.

You can use any brand you trust. Do not forget to check the expiration date and composition / ingredient. Checking the composition / ingredient useful to know if there is material that makes allergy or not. Do not let your intentions want to have a healthy biscuits to fail because one can choose a product.

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