Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Basic Things Sometimes Forgotten Before Curing Acne

Who does not know about Acne ?? Definitely only Newborns who do not know about the mini ulcers commonly grown in the face, especially the youth. Why are teenagers prone to acne? The answer ... because as a teenager .. hormones in the body is still not stable. But quiet sajaa .. but calm. In general, acne will be more benign with age you.

Prior to discussing the Basic Things You Should Know Before Coping with Acne, we should know the definition of acne and its types, then I would briefly explain:

Understanding Acne: is a condition in which the skin pores clogged causing inflamed sac of pus.
The pores can become clogged due to dirt from pollution and dust when you indulge and not immediately wash the face with a completely clean by using a special facial soap or soap that is suitable for your face.
Types of Acne

1. Blackheads.
Characteristics: Blackhead, looks like pores blackened and enlarged. Whitehead, shaped like a small white bumps.
Causes: Acne is caused by dead skin cells and the secretion of excessive oil glands in the skin.

2. Acne Usual:
Characteristics: small bumps pink or reddish
Cause: Occurs because the pores are clogged infected by the bacteria Propionibacterium acne types. Stress, hormones and the humid air, can increase the likelihood of the formation of acne.

3. Acne Stone:
Characteristics: Acne big ones, with severe inflammation, gathered over the face
Cause: The oil glands are over-active flood the pores with oil glands, growth of skin cells that are not normal can not regenerate as fast as normal skin, Having excessive response to inflammation, leaving marks on the skin.

Common Causes of Acne:

Excessive oil production:
avoid wearing a face soap that makes your face is very dry. Because when your face is too dry, then they will believe that they are dehydrated, so they secrete excess oil.

Dead skin cells:
wear soap to scrub gently, so as to help lift the dead skin cells.

be sure not to attach objects that could potentially have a lot of bacteria such as ponse, remote tv, pens etc. Wash your hands before touching your face.

Immediately wash the face after the whole event that requires makeup finish. The face covered in makeup for too long will cause acne due to clogged pores

Consumption of corticosteroid medications, both oral (oral drugs) or topical (ointment), resulting in decreased immune system, it also increases the potential for acne due to increased activity of pathogenic bacteria ..

In fact, stress does not directly cause acne. The problem is, there are certain hormones that comes out when someone stress, which allows the growth of acne. Not only that, the stress makes the person has a diet that tend to consume a lot of sweets and fatty foods, as the "flight" of stress.

Well let's get into the content of our conversation:

1. Clean Face Regularly.
This is indeed a classic tips, but indeed this was the most important thing. There are some other things you need to know about facial wash:
Women should use soap Special Prisa vice versa. No need to worry, I'm a woman and I use a facial soap brand "Garnier Man Fight Acne"
Use a facial scrub containing sabn. Because baerguna to remove dead skin cells, but do not be too hard for the cause facial rub injured. Customize it with the comfort of your face your hand movements.
Wear Milk Cleanser and toner before and after sleep to make up. Afterwards, wash your face with soap and water. So that while sleeping face completely clean of any kind.

2. Wear Cream Evening / Night Cream
Function of night cream:
In addition to the soap berscrub wear to support terkelupasnya Night Cream dead skin cells on the face.
In addition to removing dead skin cells. Cream evening also serves to reduce the oil content in the face.
Remove acne scars and brighten the face.
You can get in cosmetic shop you trust. Or to a beauty salon. Make sure the cream contains a lightweight material so it does not pose a striped effect between the face and neck.

We would often see the ads on TV about skin supplement rich in vitamine E. Vitamine E is good for the face. But not when you're acne. Due to the effects of vitame E is a hormone that increases the effects of these hormones can cause acne. Maaka solution is. Replace while Edengn Vitamine vitamin C.

4. Use Acne Ointment.
If you consider wearing a face soap is enough. Then you are wrong. Soap only clean the dirt that is on the surface of the face. Meanwhile, how acne bacteria under the skin. Even facial soap contains vitamine. Vitamine it also will wear off when you rinse the face dengaan water.

In contrast, if you actually use the drug / ointment to cure acne. Ointment will be lamaa on acne, because you apply it when going to bed or at a time when relaxing. and the content contained in the ointment is dikususkan to kill acne bacteria? and germs under the skin that cause acne.

5. Food.
Avoid foods that cause allergies. Padaa generally: all food containing chicken, eggs, shrimp and other fish species. But you also have to pay attention more closely. Akanan Sometimes the unexpected can cause acne.
My example. I'll acne when after I consume coffee.

6. Get enough sleep.
It looks trivial. But really very affecting. Try to sleep earlier than usual. Do not forget to complete the obligations and duties of school / work you before bedtime, and do not forget to wash your face. Janan forget to regularly wash and replace your pillow cases and bolsters.


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