Sunday, November 13, 2016

My Experience Using Ginger Extract

Good afternoon...
This time I will share the experience of my acne at the end of 2015 and 2016.

From year to year .. I never really separated from acne. Sometimes a clean face radiant. sometimes acne. It may also be due to hereditary factors. Because my mother and my aunts also had acne.

But .. for this year .. I am more calm, maybe because I've honed ability to deal with acne exam in previous years. And this year the acne did not come in droves like high school brawl. Although it does not come in droves, but they can say quite a lot. If the first time junior high school - high school, acne often grow on the forehead, cheeks, too, but not as severe as in the forehead ..
But this year the nesting acne on the chin, cheeks near the neck and around the ears. The cheeks actually rarely ..
Actually about coffee that causes acne, I conclude that the new lately, when I did some research over anything that makes me spotty.
In addition to coffee, I also often sleep late, either because of the movie, or phone, or can not sleep alone ..

One day I ever tried to drink coffee, and the next day I breakouts. Likewise with sleeping too late.

Finally I stopped drinking coffee actually is my favorite drink, and also try to sleep early. And the result? I really do not breakouts. Although sometimes still come in the days before menstruation.
Besides I stop these activities, I also find new products to cure my acne.
My cousin who was just have acne face as like me, recommending products he used.
It is a product made in a salon called "Sekartadji" domiciled in Kediri, East Java.
I will review one by one.

* Sorry for picture is not too good

1. Soap
Soap with transparent container whose contents are green. With the title "Soap Fruit" A case of soap usually, and not containing scrub. after using the soap, the face was free of oil, and radiant. Ha ha..

2. Acne Medication.
In the container, entitled "Vitamin ginger".
How to wear it smeared all over your face, like you wear a night cream / night cream. Because the effect is also good for the other skin . Besides acne heal, advance is also brighter. This cream is not through purging anyway,so part of the acne will mature quickly, then part without acne will become brighter and and can prevent acne. This cream is also still my life even though I do not have acne face. You can wear day or night, there is no requirement that significant.

3. Loose Powder Kenanga Sari
This fragrance awful, like jasmine hell in my opinion .. I do not know the real function of this powder. But I think personally, this may function to disguise your current look greasy cream acne medication earlier in the daytime. And .. while acne is better to use the powder and avoid solid powder which usually contain a lot of oil.

Actually I only really realized that it was the Acne Medication Cream of ginger juice ya lately. But I've run out 2 pieces. Once I realized this extract of ginger, I became aware that from the beginning of the year 2016 is trending cosmetics "GINGER".
because the feeling of my recollection, I several times saw an ad of ginger products, even my brother to sell the cream of ginger.
So .. in my opinion, if you're away from Kediri, you can try other ginger cream that reliable .. because the basics are essentially the same. Hehe..

Apart from it. It is a product that I recommend. In addition to the upfront friendly, also the effect is very.
I've run out 2 pieces, this is the 3rd has not been exhausted, and already have inventory to 4. It is not that my acne does not heal, but because the effect is so cool, and my face is still not bored with this product.
Oiya .. besides wearing a cream, I sometimes also put ointment acne, you can review here.
Remember .. sale .. This is not purely from my experiance, and I am for all of you by my affection to the readers. (Ihiirr ...) hahaha ...

So .. Trust me. Its Work !!!

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