Sunday, November 13, 2016

Instant Ways to Eliminate oily Face

Hasil gambar untuk man bright skin

Oily face is one of many problems in the skin that is very disturbing. Moreover, if the places we visited there were no bathroom facilities for washing your face to be free of oil.
In general, oily occur because of heredity. If parents have an oily face then most likely the child will also experience it. What about people who their parents do not have oily face?
they can still get oily face.

Another factor that causes acne is a skin dehydration. The face that had felt so dry, it will automatically remove the oil. Can in large numbers or a little depending on how drying your face, and if you have parents with oily face.

You want to really be free of oily?

I think it is not possible, in my opinion, we can reduce, but not eliminate it forever. Because do you know? Oily not always be bad like acne and dull face. Oily face can slow the growth of wrinkles on the face. Great is not it?

There are several ways that I do to remove the oil on the face Instant Ways to eliminate oily though not last forever, but you can try:

1. Facial Soap
Not a secret anymore that in addition to remove impurities in the face, facial soap serves to reduce blackheads and oil on the face. But choose a face soap suitable for your skin. Not everyone is suitable with the same product. It's a little difficult and draining the wallet, but it should do for the sake of a trouble-free face. Do not forget to not wear a face soap that makes the face there is really dry. It feels more fresh and comfortable when the face is clean without oil, but with too drying your face, can fish oil glands on the face to produce more oil.

2. Clean And Clear Oil Control Film
This is my favorite product. This is not a soap but a tissue to absorb the oil quickly. You can get it at mini markets as Indomart or alfamart usually located at the checkout counter. This product is suitable for use when you really need your permanent makeup on the face, but the face is very oily. You simply stick-pressed tissue that gets oily. Remember not to rub, because it will ruin your makeup.
Those are the two ways that I do to remove the oil on the face, but it will not last long, let's discuss how to reduce oil production in the face.
How to Reduce Oil On Face

You'll often read about the use of cucumber, lemon, yam, avocado and tomato as a natural ingredient to remove the oil on the face.
I do not make use of these materials specific to remove the oil on the face. Besides being practical, these materials are rarely ailable in my house.

I use the "Cream" or commonly called "Night Cream". You can use any brand according to your taste and match your skin.
In addition to eliminating acne scars and facial dull, Night Cream can also help us in reducing the oil on the face.
I have proved it. Greasy face I became more friendly, though sometimes it is greasy because of the use of sunblock I did. But if I do not use makeup, my face will not be easy greasy. I also feel the change. Try to use Night Cream containing lime. Because basically lime juice can cure acne, then with the use of night cream, you can get 4 benefits as well. Your face will be cured of acne, the scar is gone, the face is bright and certainly reduce oil on the face.

Do afraid to try, because if not try how can you know? Today was beauty clinics have mushroomed in Indonesia, you can select an existing clinic like to consult about what a good night cream for your face.

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