Thursday, November 3, 2016

How Powerful Way to Eliminate Acne Scars?

If the acne is already we have to eliminate the tips that I made on the Ways to Eliminate Acne let's talk about how to remove the scar?
maybe some of you guys are so fanatical with the word "natural". yaa .. it was nice and all, but ... do you still use soap, shampoo or toothpaste with a brand whose ads often appear on TV? if so, then you are not using natural products. :)
I think .. there is no difference between cosmetic products for example bath products that in fact is not natural because it is doomed to a chemical process. So, for those of you who say "I better wear natural" Helloo .. today 20% are natural,

what do you wear powder rice flour? definitely not right? you may wear powder products labeled "natural materials" which certainly through a chemical process. After all, not all chemicals harmful consequences. : 3
OK forget. let's go to the topic.
no matter if it uses natural ingredients in removing acne scars. but the process is far longer than you wear factory-made products are ready-made practical without having to squeeze-squeeze, scrape, etc. But I will let you know the natural ingredients that ever I try.

classic sound right? hahaha ... actually the time it made its goal not create eliminate acne scars. but to cure acne !. but really did not expect, the next morning my face looks bright! yes .. bright, maybe if to remove acne scars can be time yes .. but it would take a long time .. I do not ever try to specially remove acne scars.
So what I used to get rid of acne scars?

CREAM!! yap, day cream and a night cream.
I wear two creams such since junior high. at that time I face a dull, dark, and acne. and my mother suggested me use a cream like that, the result, my face so bright and acne scars disappear.
No, this is not endorsment. This is really real! Initially use a cream with famous brands such as tulji and tjefuk, but not impervious, finally I wear cream concoction cosmetics store. I do not know, I do not know for sure what it implies, obviously I wear it for years and secure.

the core of all this is, that can remove acne scars black is bleach. certainly safe bleach. and applied only to the acne scars course if you do not want your facial skin striped.
but not all whitening products produce effects such as mothers who face white and black neck. for example cream that I use it earlier ..
yaa .. actually does fit ible ya ..
the function of a night cream itself is to assist the process of removing dead skin cells that make dull face. and lunch is as sunblock cream that can eliminate acne as well as small.
you should be able to choose and determine a suitable product for you. because otherwise your skin will break out again.
Actually, acne scars may disappear by itself over time, such as scars fall ... but specially pockmarks acne scars. can not only with the usual creams. there must be a specially treatment. my knowledge anyway ..
Former pockmarked the same kind of stretch marks is not it?
if so .. then I'll post about it. If I succeed with my experiment in removing stretch marks. see you next time .. :)

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