Wednesday, November 2, 2016

How Unique and Natural Acne Cures?

Probably almost half a year ago I had severe acne. Treatments that were once powerful and I can rely on, was unable to resist the attack of acne by increasing dire avatar.
As usual .. I immediately contacted kak google to ask a specific strategy to fight my sworn enemy.
after the jump here jump there on the home page of the website to eat it. I found a recipe that has never been tried. namely binahong,
I ask the parents whether there binahong ?, and today it was my lucky day. they said it was near our neighbor's house. alright...
after getting binahong leaves. this is what you must do:

1. Grind until smooth. should not be too fine, the important thing until you can get a water extract of the binahong.
2. Apply water binahong collision and was right in your face with acne area.
3. Wait for about 20 minutes. if I am, I take it to bed until dawn.
next day become mature acne. I am increasingly convinced that this binahong potent. Because in my experience. potent acne medication marked with the pace of time "maturation" of the acne. after that I did again the binahong ceremony in the same way a few times. but make sure you wash it until it is completely clean, yes, because this makes the ceremony area in basting binahong had become green. hihi ...
Perhaps up to a week I forget precisely because I think it's time I did it in a long time. I routinely wear it without pause day. at day 7, the face I rub the acne becomes sore. and I immediately discontinue its use.
So, what about the question that is the title of this article.
Do Binahong Can Cure Acne?
The answer is: YES. However, this is not to be used binahong routine every day. because as my last experience.
Perhaps the best solution there are three:
1. Apply the juice on the acne binahong leaves only. not be exposed to the surrounding skin.
2. treatment binahong do this with a time delay. 3 times a week such usage. but still 3 days in a row.
3. Buy products with ekstract binahong skin. it looks like it is more effective and safer. because it has been through a chemical process and experts creators must have mlakukan process that can balance the content on binahong to be more friendly to the skin.
Don't be worry to experience. becouse Experience is the best teacher. :D

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