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How to Become a Good Woman materialistic

Hasil gambar untuk money\
Not only you, I also feel uncomfortable at all when I heard a man say
"I hate the lady materialistic" or "materialistic girls to sea alone!"
Come On !!
We all know that women too materialistic that need it in moderation!

The men who read this should know that the materialistic benefits are:

1. materialistic it is useful to convince us that he was not stingy.
Only labile teenagers who think love does not see the treasure. Yes! Love is not looking at the property. Married but need a treasure!

2. materialistic it is useful to convince us whether he is care with us or no.
 Do you ever felt so proud and happy when the guy gave us a gift? little gift whatever it is. we must immediately thing that these men care about us and deserve to be the husband candidates.

3. materialistic convince us that if he did look really could be our husband or not.!
Actually, women do not want excessive. They just wanted a husband who works. Leave salary for everyday shopping, and give more money to the women themselves, either to makeup, grooming buy bags and so forth. It is up to the man wants to use the remaining money for anything. During the woman was given the two. they have been very grateful and proud to have you as her husband. Except it is not.

4. For the Men Motivated to Work More Active!
If you men have been motivated to work diligently. Then make more money. Were delighted not only your women only. But you are also benefiting.
For a married:
Once you give spending money and private money to your wife. The rest will be more than usual. You can buy goods to up your hobby, or to simply save for the purposes of the future child.

In addition to assuring your bride you can be assured the prospective in-laws. You can buy your girlfriend stuff she wants. And it looks cool. The man who could give it to the woman it cool !. After that? If you men have been motivated to work diligently. Then make more money. You can have the rest of the money more than usual. Just that usually you can give to the parents only, so you can give your brother and can even be saved for the cost of the wedding. Remember! Men who finance the entire cost of a wedding that was cool!

But what,,??? man thinks that the materialistic woman sucks, spend the money, just take advantage of them only, and assume that the materialistic woman was not sincere love for them. Though .. 96% wrong and 4% right! 2% percent are utilizing only. Which is 3% spending money alone. ofcourse spend the money .. materialistic related to money.
But it was only 4%! There are still 96% of women in this world for the sake of being materialistic man too!

But girls ..
although men do not like that attitude. We must also keep in matrealistism us. It's also for our future and our men. But remember, do not overdo it!
Well .. I have tips, so that we can still materialistic but he does not know:

1. Returns
What I mean by restoring it not return all that he ever love. Seriously ... -_-
 And that needs to be returned is PULSE. Why? Because it's pulse, haha ​​.. not only is it anyway .. here's the explanation:
Every man when wanna have your love, must be willing to buy our pulse. Yes No?? if he never bought  current pulse. It has been very obvious that he was not worthy of being a candidate for stingy. And he did not really fall in love and aspires chat with you. So .. Avoid him!
Now, each time he buys pulses, eg 5000, traded well she pulse 5000, saying "please jangaan traded my pulse, I could buy by myself anyway" if he kept insisting, say something like this, "it does not have to, if still buy me not want taxting with you ", naaahh ,, definitely definitely definitely .. he thinks you materialistic No women! Although you will not be filled pulse again .. it's okay. When you are officially in a relationship she would itself buy credits, or ask occasionally. Do not hesitate. If he was a man who "get it". He'll be fine with the request. If your man is sensitive, then naturally he would routinely buy pulses. This time does not need to be rejected. Decline in the beginning, if he is forced, forcing little though, relented and any intention to buy pulses.

2. Rarely Request

I've say from the beginning. Although men do not like women materialistic, but we still have M-A-T-R-E.
From the title alone surely you already know who I mean, ask to buy something. But do everoften.
 Suppose one month once .. and do not always an expensive item. Have to face a spoiled and adorable. The man is melted and just smiled and say yes. (Thanks to you who have a guy like that).

3. Apologize and Thanks

Well, you are rarely asked for, it is time you make their hearts touched by way of apology and thanks. like this example of her words,
"Yes dear ,, thank you very well, .. my friends definitely jealous of me because I got you .. ... I was so troublesome but you .. I'm sorry it's gone you spend the money you pay .." chaps will only smile with pride, and say "does nothing, this is nothing .. I'm glad to see you happy" (really really very lucky woman who has a man like this)

4. Treats Dating

Girls remember .. remember .. this part you have to do at least one or two times a year, or for the rest of you were dating. Remember. Do not frequent often. It simply aims to and feel that you are not materialistic and care to him. For verily that must treat dating is the man! you could take her to a place that is inexpensive but not cheap. currently available application that makes it easy to choose where to hangout. use!

5. Give the Gift
For this part I'm sure all women would give her male birthday gift. But but tapii girls .. not only the anniversary of the Day of the ordinary course .. try to give him a small gift, at least 3x or 2x a year. Yaa .. cheap cost only .. Misalnnya handkerchief, or chocolate, chocolate does not have to silverqueen .. oreo for example, or whatever's the most important thing and if you can not get 20,000 hoho .. because it was largely as an expression of that love him and as a trick to hide your materialistic.

It's a few tips from me .. no one is left behind. Do Dressed Too Glamorous, it is important girls .. because someone is always judged by her appearance in advance ..
But remember. Do not over do it, will you instead of you bankrupt. Ha ha ha.

To close this post. I want to talk to men who are reading this post.
"Interest of a man is his status to" work ", his income, and generosity". Believe because men who work, earn money, and generous definitely a \ will be more confident, and being a woman's dream. : - *

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