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5 Men's Truth That Could not Be Understood

You must have or even often hear and read facts about the attitudes of women that makes men confused and according to them the nature of the woman absurt.
Which he said we like grumpy unclear, complicated, jealous, wanna be informed as much as possible, like the winning byself and much more.
But from my research . Actually our nature is already right. Because of what?
Hasil gambar untuk women and man
When we are like that "expected" man. They even suspect at us. Assume that we already do not love anymore, if we did not care, and so forth. Though not. We want to just follow what men usually expect from a woman. As.

 We've not annoy one thing more, and makes it all becomes more simple
= They think we are angry and do not want to do that.
= But they always say that she was too complicated to try simple course, is also not a problem. Rota simple, they were confused.

Freeing and had not interrogate them when they'll be hanging out with his friends
= They think we do not care
= But they always said that they felt confined and not free if we forbid not to mention the interrogation of all the time they'll be hanging out with friends.

Allow him piggybacking his girlfriend
= Arguably because we do not love is not jealous.
= But they always said that jealousy was a complicated woman, the woman should have the same trust them, not even a negative thinking. Rota we already believe. They themselves are confused.

When we reduce our endeavor to self-indulgence
= They think we're more angry, and ask "what is it? I was wrong? "And we said no nothing. and we did not okay.
= Whereas they were also sometimes complain about our attitudes are spoiled. Even confused himself.

When we succumb to the argument, admit our mistake and apologized.
= They also said "no, I was wrong, I should be apologizing."
=,so obviously they always say that the fight in the relationship, whoever one is always the man who ended up apologizing. Though the events that often happens is that way.

its enough girls ... attitude and our attitude was correct. No need to listen to the men who complained about the nature and attitude that he says absurd. After all, in fact, until now they might just handle it. They are too excessive. After all, we do everything possible not right without cause and without thinking about the consequences.

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