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What are the questions posed in the Final Exam?

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What are the questions posed in the Final Exam?

I just finished the exam thesis. Ordinary aja. Same with the proposal exam.
Tested by several professors, one lecturer mentors.
Stages thesis examination include:

1. Presentation.
Usually we will be asked to make a powerpoint and present, what the contents of power pointnya? Yes skripsimu the core of it.
Not to be confused with this first stage. You simply read the section abstraction, and chapter 4 on the introduction of the company, and conclusion.
Memorize it and convey section with an expression that "I am this paper makers, understand its contents and I believe my thesis is correct". Trust me, you guys were confident expression effect. Ha ha..

 2. Question.
This stage is even easier, because the question
yes from the little bit thesis that in fact you are making. Automatically you must know the answer. It can not be your thesis about taxes, continue testing the influence of nitrogen nanyain a solid object. Imposible guys ... all the answers in your thesis.
Nah, but ya, there's one thing I did not learn before the exam. Reading the organizational structure of the company that I made the object of research !!
Actually does may be because I do not understand the question of the examiner or the examiner is not clear in granting questions. Pas practically told jelasin, yes I jelasin director what duties, what duties publicist. Well, when you're done with the answer that I'm not sure, the testers said that essentially, is not the answer she asked for, she wanted me answer his order based on the organizational structure chart lines. Ya Allah ....... if begono aja gampaaangg ... do not have to use mikiir. Live protector is positioned on the top, and below it there as head of the company directors and directly related to the deputy, as well as public relations etc. Yo wes ngunu stores. So it turns out it was the intent of my professors told jelasin with linear organizational structure, according to the chart. Hadooh ..
So guys, prepare yourself for the unexpected question. Hence. Understand and learn the whole thesis really you. Because the whole question is in the thesis which you have created.

3. Comments testers.
At this stage you have to prepare is a pen !!!! Do sampek you experience awkward moment as I am.
So when I take a pen test. Initially aja tuh ordinary pen. Lha kok pas this stage his pen began to die dehydration. It's an important moment. I must nyatet are some things that the examiner is wrong and must be repaired. Instead ran ion. Where no ponariswet. So you know what I did ?? I still write with a pen dead. Let me press although there is no ink, but still ngecap and can kebaca.
Besides, because I took notes. I also fear and embarrassment tester pen tau angry when I die and even did not record anything. I'm afraid they do not feel appreciated or they felt that I was dismissive and did not prepare for this exam well. (Queen negative thingking). Ha ha...
Finally, yes it was. I also wrote a little backwards, covering my paper, dong embarrassed if they knew I move the pen but no paper.
Yes .. it had set up a pen. Because it is important for you are forgetful like me. Or if you want easy, take hp, and turn on the voice recorder from the start entrance exams chamber. But do not forget to turn off the phone signal.

Siih already .. it ajah. Other small things, pastiin you wear neat and fragrant, with fresh faces, let the testers come good mood. And do not forget to show that you are confident with your thesis. Good Luck !! ;)

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