Thursday, November 3, 2016

How To Brightening Face with 3 Easy Steps

Face dull moment is a state where the mirror and face look radiant and shining clean. Although "shines" is not an important factor in beauty. But everyone would want to have.

Dull face could occur due to several factors: the too frequent exposure to sunlight and a buildup of dead skin cells on the face and oily. All three of these factors can not be avoided, especially for you who have activities outside the home. The sun makes our skin becomes darker. and a buildup of dead skin cells can not make your skin shine. In addition to the dead skin cells can cause clogged pores and make facial acne. Likewise, oily make face feels stuffy and uncomfortable.

Solutions to prevent stung the skin to the sun is to use sunblock, or commonly referred to as Day Cream / cream lunch. Sunblock can be applied every morning while going do activities outside the home. In addition to sunlight, sunblock also safe yourface from dirt and pollution. Because when we apply sunblock to the skin. Dust pollution and only then will stick on the sunblock and not up to the surface of the skin. When we wash face. Then the dust and pollution  participate faded with soap and water rinse.

How to apply sunblock is very easy.
Wash first with soap to clean your face. Dry with towel but need not be too dry. Save some wet on the face. Begin to apply sunblock on the face, massaging, do not forget to apply on the ear and neck. after applied evenly throughout the face. Use your favorite face powder to cover up oily effect from the sunblock. Simple is not it. Sunblock is not only available for the face. But also the entire body, as they are used by people who love sunbathing at the beach.

 However, sometimes when mid-day, your face will look greasy. But it does not matter, as long as you're not able to remove the oil face by using tissue. I recommend oil absorbent wipes the face. As the product Clean And Clear below

These wipes specially to absorb facial oil. There are several other brands, just as pounds and much more ,. But remember, do not use it to wipe. Because it will make you disappear powder or even ruin your makeup and your face actually looks strange because you were uneven powder. Enough paste and tap-tap only on the greasy. With a flash, your face will clean not greasy.
After learning how to prevent sunlight. Now it's time to discuss how to brighten a dull face. But keep in mind. A bright face, does not mean to be white. Bright face that when we face does not look dull and creased.

Coping with Sudden Fat

Washing your face, this is a quick way, but did not last long. That is by washing the face with soap specially for the face. After you wash your face, your face will automatically look more fresh and clean. Your face will look brighter. But it only lasts a few moments only, and only to remove the oil on the face. That, too, you also must use soap when washing your face.

Using Soap with scrub. It is very effective in removing dead skin cells. Do it every time you shower.

Secondly, this way takes time, but I think it was very effective. And a period of relative brightness is also longer, using Whitening, or so-called Night Cream / Night Cream. I think the main uses are for take cram dead skin cells that causes the face to become dull.
There is nothing wrong with the use of so-Night Cream is, do not ignore your friends who say "NO NATURAL". Because today there is no natural. When you use powder, you just is not natural. Bath soap also include unnatural. The purpose of the night cream is to remove dead skin cells that stacking. Do you know? Dead skin cells that accumulate causing dull face and acne. Well, using a night cream, automatically your face brighter and and avoid acne. Wear Night Cream is safe and reliable

Use Laser. Do you ever watch on tv? Sometimes they serve artists who are doing treatment beauty by using a red laser pointed at their faces. Laser aims to remove dead skin cells instantly. Although the price is quite expensive. However, this method looks effective.

Lime, this is a more natural way. Wear Freshly squeezed lime juice. A face mask. Cut into small pieces first, then squeezed into a face. Because lime cut into small pieces will produce more water than the cut in great shape. After that, apply over the entire face before going to bed at night. And leave it until morning. Then wash your face with soap immediately with scrub, massage gently, then rinse.

Do not forget to consume fruits so that your skin becomes fresher.

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